Prof. Emilio Palomares

Light in Chemistry

Group Leader:

Emilio Palomares, ICREA Professor

Laboratory Engineer:

Santi Gené

Administrative Support: 

Sorania Jiménez

Postdoctoral researchers:

María Méndez / José G. Sánchez​

PhD Students:

Dora Alejandra González / Ece Aktas/ Sarika Kumari / Beatriu Domingo Tafalla

Visiting Students:

Jair Wells (Feb. – Mar.) / Georgios Papathanides (Feb – Mar.) / Fabio Ferreira (Sep. – Dec.)

Visiting Researchers:

Eyyup Yalçin (Feb. – Apr.)


The group of Prof. Palomares works on the synthesis and characterization of molecules and materials with optical and electrical properties. Through these materials, the group manufactures electronic devices, including solar cells, light emitting diodes and sensors. Additionally, all interfacial load transfer reactions are characterized by the use of advanced photo-induced transient spectroscopy under operating conditions. The group has described the preparation of organic solar cells with an efficiency greater than 15% and solar cells of perovskite with an efficiency of 20%. These efficiency values are among the best published in the scientific literature and have been possible thanks to the study and minimization of the losses of recombination of loads. The group aspires to use sunlight as an energy source and as an initiator of catalytic reactions in the conversion of CO2 and H2 generation.


Tunable Carbon–CsPbI3 Quantum Dots for White LEDs
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Panchromatic Triple Organic Semiconductor Heterojunctions for Efficient Solar Cells
Rodríguez-Seco, C.; Cabau, L.; Privado, M.; de la Cruz, P.; Langa, F.; Sharma, G. D.; Palomares, E.
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2020, 3, 12, 12506–12516

High Solar-to-Hydrogen Conversion Efficiency at pH 7 Based on a PV-EC Cell with an Oligomeric Molecular Anode
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ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 55856−55864


Self-assembled Zn Phthalocyanine as a robust P-Type selective contact in Perovskite Solar Cells
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Benzothiadiazole Aryl-amine Based Materials as Efficient Hole Carriers in Perovskite Solar Cells
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Exceptional Long Electron Lifetime in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cell Made from Aqueous Lead Nitrate Precursor
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Analysis of The Efficiency Losses in Hybrid Perovskite/PTAA Solar Cells with Different Molecular Weight: Morphology vs Kinetics
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Inverted Hybrid Light Emitting Diodes Using Carbon Dots as Selective Contacts: The Effect of Surface Ligands
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ACS Appl. Electron. Mater. 2020, 2 (5), 1388–1394

Minimization of Carrier Losses for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells through Structural Modification of Triphenylamine Derivatives
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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59 (13), 5303-5307

Photovoltage/photocurrent transient techniques
Palomares, E.; Montcada, N. F.; Méndez, M.; Jiménez-López, J.; Yang, W; Boschloo, G.
BOOK CHAPTER In: «Characterization Techniques for Perovskite Solar Cell Materials», Elsevier, 2020, 161-180

Improved Carrier Collection and Hot Electron Extraction Across Perovskite, C60, and TiO2 Interfaces
Jiménez-López, J.; Puscher, B.M. D.; Guldi, D. M.; Palomares, E.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142 (3), 1236-1246


Integration of molecular solar cells and electrocatalysis for CO2 reduction
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación | Ref: PID2019-109389RB-I00

Distributed chemicals and fuels production from CO2 in photoelectrocatalytic devices
Collaborative Projects | Ref: 862030 Web page

Inhalable Aerosol Light Source for Controlling Drug-Resistant Bacterial Lung
Collaborative Projects| Ref: 863102 Web page

Foto Transfer
Procesos de Transferencia de carga en dispositivos fotovoltaicos híbridos: Nanocristal semiconductor/melécula orgánica semiconductora
Ministerio | Ref: CTQ2016-80042-R

Materials i Dispositius Optoelectrònics
AGAUR | Ref: 2017 SGR 978



Prof. Emilio Palomares named new ICIQ Director

ICIQ’s Palomares group participates in the Light4Lungs project