Photophysics Unit

Unit Manager

Dr. Javier Pérez Hernández


In 2020 the Transition Absorption setup was upgraded. This technique permits the characterization of excited species when you deal with light-active molecules.

The improvement consists of the achievement of an intensified CCD and spectrograph for spectra detection at one laser shot. Moreover, with the same setup, we still register the transient kinetics with the photomultiplier tube. The time resolution is from 15 nanoseconds to 20 µs at the visible region (300 – 900 nm), and from 1 µs up to 200 ms in the visible and near-infrared region (350 – 1700 nm). This upgrade was possible thanks to the 2018 Ministerio call for equipment acquisition.

The number of experiments in the self-service mode equipment during the last four years can be seen in the chart.

Photophysics Unit, Except Solar Simulator (experiments)