X-Ray Diffraction Unit

Unit Manager:

Dr. Jordi Benet-Buchholz

Laboratory Manager:

Dr. Eduardo Escudero

Unit Technician:

Dr. Marta Martínez


In the following charts you can see the evolution of the Unit in terms of samples managed in both techniques, single crystal and powder diffraction:

Single Crystal and Power Diffraction

In 2020 a new Powder X-Ray Diffractometer, Empyrean by Malvern Panalytical, was installed. It’s a variable system, which allows to measure PXRD patterns in transmission (Kα1) and reflection Kα). Additionally, it can measure GID, Reflectometry, SAXS, capillaries and it is equipped with an oven/humidity chamber. This new acquisition was possible thanks to the 2018 Ministerio call for equipment acquisition.

First measurements were performed at the ILL (Grenoble) using Neutron radiation on the compound S-Naproxene +-Tramadol. The purpose of this project was that of exploring hydrogen bonds in co-crystal and salt interactions of pharmaceutical salts/co-crystals formed by two APIs, which were crystallized with the CO2 laser at the X-ray Diffraction Unit. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions the measurements were performed remotely.

The Unit participated in the project «Factoría de Cristalización: Red temática para el avance de la cristalografía aplicada» (Ref. RED2018-102574-T) which provided budget (€14,000) for traveling and scientific collaborations in the frame of the Spanish network of crystallographers.